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America's Classic Foods -
America's Classic Foods offers Classic American Style food products and American Style Retail Food Concepts, supplying both food products and equipment to the restaurant and food service industries.
Award Baking International -
The Original Carlsbad Oblaten - Classic Dessert Wafers. These delicately crisp, subtly flavored classic dessert wafers are the most authentically delicious oblaten in the world ....still baked pure and naturally, true to an Old World recipe.
Botanica Foods -
Greater Pacific Food Holdings, Inc. is the proud owner of Botanica, a family of food products dedicated to bringing healthy, all natural, and herb infused products for foodservice businesses. Botanica is continually developing new and delicious products for Smoothie/Juice Bars, Premium Coffeehouses, Yogurt & Ice Cream Shops, and Natural Food Stores. Balancing high profits, delicious nutrition, and helping to attract new consumers.
Dandy Don's Home Made Ice Cream -
Homemade Ice Cream -- Sundae Bar Catering. Established in 1981. Serving the ice creams to U.S. Presidents, 1984 Olympic Games Finale Dinner for 6,000 guests, movie sets, film premieres and in fine restaurants and hotels throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Call 800.326.3936 LA Only or 818.994.0111.
Dippin Flavors - Ice Cream Favors -
A Gallery of Flavors for Making Your Own Frozen Desserts. Why do all major dairies use ingredients packed in pails instead of tins? Because harsh retorting of tins degrades the quality of the ingredients That's why we pack in pails.
Flavor Burst -
If you are in the market for ice cream, frozen custard, or frozen yogurt restaurant equipment that can really make your profits soar, try Flavor Burst Flavor Burst machines will attach to Taylor's (and other) soft serve or shake freezers.
Gardner's Gourmet Frozen Drinks -
Taste the smooth, new chill. X*Treme Freeze. Granita - Caffe Ghiaccio.
Carbon's Golden Malted -
Carbon's Golden Malted Pancake & Waffle Flour. Since 1937.
Gruenewald Manufacturing Company -
Your Whipped Cream Solution since 1952.
Iamyogurt -
A Canadian manufacturer of powdered, non-fat, dairy soft serve frozen yogurt and Ice-Milk. No refrigeration required, 1 year shelf life. Blended both In the U.S. and Canada.
Imperial Distributors -
Make healthy fruit smoothies in a Vita-Mix bar blender. We are distributors of premium products. Supreme strawberry fruit. Smoothies & Frozen cocktail mixes. Stewart's rootbeer. Vita-Mix blenders. Specialty glassware. Deluxe Dunhill cigars.
Joy Cone Company -
On Thursday afternoon in Hermitage, PA, the local kids can be found walking along Lamor Road. Their destination is The Joy Cone Company. You see, Thursday afternoon ice cream cones have become a tradition at Joy Cone Company. We like that. Tradition is the glue that keeps the family together, and we are a family. Cake Cones - Sugar Cones - Waffle Cones.
Moon Pie -
The Original Marshmallow Sandwich. A New Start for an Old Favorite.
Peck Food Service -
We are the number one supplier for the independent soft serve, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and fast food industry in America's heartland, the Midwest. Our goal is to expand our services beyond our current distribution area. By showing you the most extensive selection of profit building products available today.
Precision Foods, Inc. -
Precision Foods is a dry-blending and packaging food company specializing in providing finished products for customers in the foodservice, industrial and consumer products business. Since Precision Foods specializes in customized finished products, we work extensively with the proprietary formulations of our customers in complete confidentiality. We also develop formulations for our prospective customers on a confidential basis.
Reese's Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups -
The H.B. Reese Candy Company began manufacturing a product made with specially processed peanut butter and Hershey's milk chocolate in the 1920s. Introduced as simply peanut butter cups, the popular candy item is known today as Reese's peanut butter cups. This is the Hershey's web site. Click on Reese's.
Sweetheart Flavorings & Freezer's Ice Cream Shoppe's -
Quality above all is our prime objective. Our desire to stay ahead of our competitors has led us into acquiring our own flavoring company, Sweetheart Specialties. We manufacture our own flavorings in our quality control laboratory and our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. We also own and franchise FREEZER's Ice Cream Shoppe's.
Wadden 24 flavors of Softserve -
Our family has been involved in the dairy bar industry for many years, opening well over a thousand Ice Cream stores & Dairy Bars in that time frame. We were around when the very first automatic soft-serve ice cream machines were rolled-out for the world to see. We were also present at the inception of the Slush machine. Thoughout the years, our companies have established themselves internationally as innovators in the industry. Thus, it is with great pride that we introduce to you the 24 FLAVORS system.



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