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Internet Cafe Guide -
Cybercafes throughout the world. Courtesy of World66.
Cybercafe Search Engine -
Though cybercafŽs were initially associated with cappuccino, black turtlenecks, and the artsy crowd, they're proving to be useful-abroad, at least-for everyone from bandwidth-challenged freelancers to vacationers sending e-mail back home instead of postcards.
Cafe Suite -
CafeSuite - Software for Internet Cafes. CafeSuite is a dedicated software for internet cafes and cyber clubs. It's basic task is to control the time customers spend using the computers and save it to reports. To be fair to customers, the program can also provide them with timely information whenever it's needed. The program generates various reports and statistics, which give complex data about your cafe business. The program supports multiple operators with different privileges. Other features include shop, cards, reservations or periodic discounts.
Celtic Cafe -
Articles about artists and writers, tour dates for Celtic shows and performing companies. Chat room to talk about all things Irish.
chiggeri cafe-resto luxembourg index -
Chiggeri Restaurant - 15 rue du Nord - L-2229 - Luxemburg (Europe) Bar with cyber cafe, a large choice of food and drink, local & international press .....Gastronomic Restaurant with French & vegetarian cuisine on the second floor.
Curious Cat Travel Books -
World Cyber Cafe Guide.
Culinary Cafe -
Many helpful and informative pages on this web site.
Cyber Cafe Magazine -
CSNetwork MultiMedia CyberCafe Industry.
Cybertown - Main Town - ..
A fun site to Surf. Go to the Entertainment Complex.
Easylink Communications Nepal -
Information about Cyber Cafes and communications center around Nepal. Email and Internet Access.
Idea Cafe -
Business needs of Generation X entrepreneurs ...and we welcome biz fans of every age. Now that we're here at Idea Cafe: The Small Business Channel, you can bet we'll be cooking up some hot stuff -- info, advice, and fun to feed your mind and your biz.
International Association of Cybercafes -
The International Association of Cybercafes is a non-profit organization designed to ensure the success and professionalism of the cybercafe business through a supportive network of cybercafes worldwide, all cooperating in such a way as to enhance each individual business.
Internet Cafe Guide -
Cybercafes throughout the world.
Internet Cafe Solutions -
Here is the best solution on the Cyber-Cafe business. Cybermania is the program of a billing-system. You can download the trial version from our Web-sit. Just click and download. Then you will find the solution on the Cyber-Cafe business.
Info Touch Corporation - Netlock -
#1 Software For Kiosk Usage, Kiosks and CyberCafes.
Mudcat Cafe -
....a magazine dedicated to blues and folk music.
Starlite Cafe -
Welcome to the Starlite Cafe's Poets Corner. Break away from your everyday life and immerse your senses in the splendor of poetry. Created by thousands of poets from around world. The Starlite Cafe is your place to relax and enjoy. Browse through our poems and interactive tales. Hopefully you'll be inspired to share some of your own.

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