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Professional Restaurant Management .....

Producing Profitable Results - The essential resource for online restaurant professionals.

Restaurant Resource Group -
Financial Management Tools & Support Services .... We know first hand, having created and operated many restaurants over the last twenty-five years. Adequate sales, experience, and capital can help, but without solid financial and operational controls in place, long-term success is not assured. That's why the The Restaurant Resource Group was created.... to empower restaurant operators by providing these "controls" in the form of simple, yet powerful, financial and management products and services. Restaurant Manuals, Forms and List. Financial Management Tools and Support Services.
Restaurant Report -
Essential reading for Owners, Chefs and Key Hospitality Professionals. This is a very INFORMATIVE Web site with lots of useful information covering every aspect of the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry.
Ford Management Services -
How To Manuals * Newsletter * Seminars / Workshops. With many years in the business, we offer a complete consulting program on any aspect of the business, from Restaurants to Bars and Nightclubs. Please feel free to contact me for specific answers to your questions. Call Ray Ford at 541 673-1825.
Waiterworld -
Everything you wanted to know about Waiters, but were afraid to ask! The mission of WaitersWorld is to elevate the status of waiters in America to a professional career level. This hospitality craft is a career of choice offering unlimited opportunity!
National Checking Company -
National Checking Company helps restaurants build sales and profits. Our products increase productivity, improve accuracy and ultimately enhance the customer experience. Everyone wins!
Bar and Nightclub Promotions -
Many money making promotions for nightclubs and restaurants. One ingenious idea after another. Includes Management Resources. Offering a variety of products and information, the focus at this site is on promotions/marketing and cost control.
Cost - Watch -
Cost-watch restaurant reports compare food cost & expenses to similar restaurants. In today's fast-moving world of the restaurant business, knowledge is power. Keeping on top of the latest trends and movements in the Food Service industry is essential to stay competitive. This valuable information can be gleaned from a variety of sources, but now it is all in ONE PLACE We bring together the latest information on industry trends, news, weather, USDA wholesale food prices and other necessary information to help ensure your success in the restaurant sector. All of this information is brought to you FREE.
Management Insight -
Restaurant consultant guidelines to restaurant and onsite foodservice operation development projects, operating tips and links to foodservice industry web sites.
Producing Profitable Results: Restaurant Management Resources -
The essential resource for online restaurant professionals.
Professional Restaurant Management Page -
Many, many Food Service Links. Just take your time and scroll down the page until you find something that you are interested in.
Restaurant Associates Northwest, Inc. -
A hospitality consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon. Our company specializes in providing consulting services, books, seminars, accounting services and other resources to manage your restaurant business more profitably.
Restaurant Operator -
Everything you need for your restaurant.
Restaurant Owner -
Business Resource Center for Independent Restaurant Owners & Operators on the World Wide Web.
SF Sommerlier Consulting -
Beverage & Operations Consulting to Restaurants, Hotels, Consumer & Trade Education, Freelance Writing and our Wines of the Week.
Innovation and Efficiencies for the Food Service Industry. SYNERGY is a Food Service Consulting Firm that specializes in recipe, menu and concept development for national chain accounts, independent restaurant groups and manufacturers. SYNERGY is based in Southern California, and is managed by Dean Small and Danny Bendas, both graduates of the Culinary Institute of American. They handle worldwide assignments.

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