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National Barbecue Association .....

National Barbecue Association -
Our mission is to provide the Barbecue and related industries with a visionary, beneficial, and responsive association. The Association is committed to promoting the recognition and image of the industry, facilitating effective networking of industry resources, and fostering business opportunities.
BBQ Search -
The "Portal" to the world of BBQ ...and more.
BBQ Source -
Barbecue sauces, spices, grilling accessories, recipe books and cooking tips are featured in this comprehensive site. In addition you'll find information on events and bbq caterers in your area.
BBQTV started when a certified national barbecue judge realized that BARBECUE, an American national passion, had become a series of contest of growing significance world-wide. This web site is a nexus for competition coverage, cooking tips, sauces, rubs, grills, equipment, and anything to do with good 'ol American barbecue (a blend of cooking techniques from around the world . . . just like Americans).We cover the Jack Daniel's International Invitational, American Royal, MS, TN, NC, GA, SC and many other state championship competitions for broadcast. then webcast, and make tapes available from the site or in stores. (Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Victory Video Catalogs). Many interesting BBQ Web Links.
Barbeque Headquarters -
Welcome to BBQHQ...the place to go when you want to GRILL. Presented by Sunbeam and Coleman.
California BBQ Association -
Unfortunately, few Americans today have ever seen or tasted real, authentic barbecue. Authentic barbecue means meat or other food (like fish and vegetables) which is cooked in the heat and smoke of wood coals.
Central Texas Barbecue Association -
CTBA was formed to establish fair and equal guidelines for all competitive BBQ cooks who insist on well-run and organized Barbeque cookoffs.
Food Reference Website -
Food Events, Food Festivals, Shows, Wine Festivals, Expos ... and more.
International Barbeque Cookers Association -
This web site works with MS Explorer only. The links do not work with Netscape.
Iowa Barbeque Society -
The Iowa Barbeque Society was organized in the spring of 1998 by a few BBQ starved enthusiasts devoted to barbeque and having fun. Our membership is comprised of barbeque enthusiasts of all levels. Our members operate barbeque restaurants, sell barbeque equipment, compete in barbeque contests, judge barbeque contests or just love to cook and eat barbeque.
National Barbecue News -
.......everything BBQ.

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