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Nightclubs & Bars .....

Nightclub and Bar Magazine -
Click on Club Connection. Club Connection is your one-stop source for the hottest nightclubs, bars and lounges across the globe. Simply click on a country to find out what's happening in the world's hottest nightspots.
DJ Music and Charts -
"No matter what happens you need music. We need magic and bliss, and power and celebration in our lives, and music is a good way to encapsulate a lot of it.
It's just great to be involved in something that provides some uplift and comfort in people's lives that doesn't hurt anybody." .... Jerry Garcia (1942-1995)
Nightclubs -
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .....
Athens - Georgia -
Nightclubs .... Rock Athens.
Boston, Massachusetts & New England Nightclubs -
Nightclubs, Nightlife and Entertainment Boston Massachusetts & New England.
Bournemouth, U.K. -
The Ultimate Entertainment Guide. Click on Nightclubs.
Cancun Cool Guide -
Welcome ... Cancun Bikinis and Beer.
Cape & Islands Entertainment Guide -
Welcome to the Cape Nightclubs.
Club La Vela -
Club La Vela is not only the largest nightclub in the USA, it is also one of the trendiest and most respected nightclubs in the world. As such, Club La Vela has to continuously reinvent itself to stay on the cutting edge of entertainment and club life.
Club Zone -
Welcome to Club Zone. Club Zone is the worlds most popular nightclub and nightlife entertainment web site.
Clubbin -
Where do you want to go tonight??
Cyber Cafes -
Cyber Cafes / Bars & Public Internet Points & Wi-Fi (Wireless) Services.
Dallas - Texas -
Music & Nightclubs. Find a Nightclub .....
Dance Club Online - -
Good Friends -- Good Times. The Nightclub and Bar Directory for the Cyber World. Please, you must be 21 years of age or older to enter this web site. Thanks.
Daytona Beach - Nightclubs -
Big Beach -- Big Fun.
Dubai City Guide -
Nightclubs and complete information on Dubai City.
Dublin - Ireland Nightclubs -
Clubbing in Dublin's capital city. We have information on the best clubs in the city, and also other general information. Dublin is reknowned as being one of Europe's most vibrant cities and boasts a brilliant nightlife, seven days a week, but especially on Friday and Saturday nights.
Expat - Shanghai -
Welcome to Expat Shanghai, Shanghai's Number One Guide to 'The Pearl of The Orient'. If you are English Speaking and you either live in Shanghai, work in Shanghai or are just thinking of visiting for business or for pleasure, it always helps to know what to expect and know what there is to see and do in this Wonderful City. Click on Nightclubs / Bars / Restaurants.
Lake Tahoe -
Enjoy your visit to Lake Tahoe.
Las Vegas -
Enjoy your visit to Las Vegas.
Las Vegas Nightlife -
The official Vegas Nightlife Online.
Laughlin -
Enjoy your visit to Laughlin.
Lbiza Lads -
Welcome to Ibiza lads. San Antonio, Ibiza.
Leeds, U.K. Nightclubs -
Welcome to Leeds Nightclubs in Leeds City Centre.
Le Palace Night Club of Panama, Come and see our sexy girls - ..
Espectacular International Girlie Shows in a very relaxed and elegant surrounding, in heart of Panama. Must be over 21 to enter the site.
Lubbock - Texas - Nightclub Directory -
A guide to Lubbock Texas Dance Clubs, Nightclubs, Pubs and Bars ... A directory of entertainment businesses in Lubbock.
Melbourne, Australia - Nightclubs, Pubs, Movies, Music, Fun.
New Orleans Nightlife -
Provides you with the best places to unwind, kick back and leave the day behind.
We've searched out quiet venues, uncovered hip bars and scoped out sultry clubs, the best places to eat, on the budget, on a date or on a business meeting.
New York Nightclubs -
The real New York Scene! Great New York Deals!
New York City Nightclubs -
New York is home to some of the hottest nightclubs in the world, where you can dance to all types of music and meet all kinds of people. Be prepared to wait on line, pay a cover and get charged a lot of money for drinks. But once inside, you can dance till morning. Most clubs are not open every night, and the crowd, music and sexual orientation may change from night to night, so it is a good idea to call ahead.
Nightclubs -
When it comes to nightclubs you don't have to get lost in the search engine Jungle anymore. ...Chicago - Miami - Las Vegas - New York.
Reno -
Enjoy your visit to Reno.
Riga - Latvia Nightclubs -
Welcome .... Courtesy of City Paper. Riga, the Latvian Capital.
Sarasota - Florida Nightclubs -
Sarasota nightclubs and bars. Many feature live entertainment.
Tulleeho -
Drinking out in India. A guide to bars, pubs and drinking out in India. The only Indian online guide to bars and other such like alcohol serving places.
UK Clubs -
Welcome to UK Clubs your online nightclub guide. UK Clubs allows you to vote for your favourite clubbing venue across the UK check out the club ratings section to see which nightclubs are currently topping the charts.
Bars, Pubs and Clubs -
Courtesy of Yahoo.
Nightclubs -
Many helpful and Informative pages - Courtesy of Yahoo.

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