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.....I have a sweet tooth.

National Confectioners & Chocolate Manufacturers Association -
The Associations serve as the voice of the American candy industry, and through public information, trade shows and education, work to increase the consumption of all candy products, as well as increasing the professionalism and knowledge of candy manufacturers and candy consumers.
Candy Industry Magazine -
The leading information source for the global confectionery marketplace. Many, Many helpful LINKS.
Chocolate Manufacturers Association -
..... organized in 1923. The mission of CMA is to provide industry leadership to promote, protect, and enhance the chocolate industry's interest through legislative and regulatory programs, and public relations.
International Confectionery Association -
The ICA represents and promotes the confectionery industry internationally. We facilitate, coordinate and communicate international scientific, regulatory and public affairs information while representing the interests of the confectionery industry in a collaborative and responsible manner.
The Manufacturers Confectioner -
The worldwide business, marketing and technology journal of the candy, chocolate, confectionery, cough drop, and sweet baked goods industry. The MC is published once a month and provides in-depth coverage of news, industry statistics, sales and marketing, ingredients, equipment and services.
The Retailer's Bakery Association -
We're a trade association. That's a business partner. We create industry-specific training programs, develop profit tools and connect retailers with suppliers and experts to help build profitable bakeries.
Retail Confectioners International -
A not-for-profit Illinois corporation founded in Chicago in 1917 to represent the interest of confectionery manufacturing retailers and to promote public interest in these products. It is the only trade association in North America dedicated specifically to this segment of the confectionery industry.
Professional Candy Buyer -
Welcome to the Professional Candy Buyer. Many, Many helpful LINKS.
World Cocoa Foundation -
Dedicated to providing global training on low-cost methods to produce quality cocoa in sustainable, environmentally friendly manner.
The Cocoa Tree -
Welcome to THE COCOA TREE. Here you’ll find the story of chocolate from Aztec rituals to rainforest ecology and modern manufacturing.
P Magee Enterprises -
P Magee Enterprises is the world's only public relations agency that specializes in confectionery and chocolate. Our vision is to help confectionery and chocolate manufacturers and suppliers increase their visibility in a variety of media worldwide.
Guittard Chocolate Company -
Guarding Guittard Quality for Four Generations.
E. Guittard -
Welcome to E. guittard Vintage Chocolates. I grew up in a lineage of master French chocolate makers and have been surrounded by chocolate all my life. I’ve been fascinated with the entire culture and history of cacao and especially intrigued by people’s passion for chocolate. It is one of life’s pleasures that often brings a smile to someone’s face, everyday as well as on special occasions.
Auntie Pearl's Pantry -
Gourmet Brownies At Auntie Pearl's Pantry!!! Our Brownies are Baked in Love just like our Mother used to do!! You will LOVE our Browies. Brownies, brownies, and more brownies. Auntie Pearl's Pantry
has brownies that will make your mouth water. If you are looking for
brownies look no further than Auntie Pearl's pantry. Our brownies are all made from scratch using Auntie Pearl's famous recipe. This recipe has been our family's most closely guarded secret and you will receive over three pounds of her delicious brownies in every dozen. We thank you for visiting our store and we know you will fall in love with our brownies as three generations of friends of the family already have.
Best Candy Store -
Best Candy Store - Wholesaler - Exporter. We offer a unique and extensive line of Candy and Chewing Gum. Purchasing Gift Vouchers. Gift Vouchers are purchased just like any other item in our store. You can pay for them using the stores standard payment method(s). Once purchased the value of the Gift Voucher will be added to your own personal Gift Voucher Account. If you have funds in your Gift Voucher Account, you will notice that the amount now shows in the Shopping Cart box, and also provides a link to a page where you can send the Gift Voucher to some one via email.
American Gumball Machine Company -
Antique, Contemporary, Novelties and More ....
Bonham Candy Company -
Bonham Candy Company’s objective is to deliver to the American Consumer the best and most distinctive candy and chocolate products from around the world.
Blair Candy -
Nostalgic Candy, Retro Candy, Penny Candy, Sports Candy, Wholesale Candies, Pinatas, Nostalgic gum and so much more! Get hard to find candy ..... so much to choose from. We're like a gigantic grocery store filled with aisles of candies!
Brad Kent -
Phone Numbers & Addresses of Chocolate & Candy Manufactures.
Candy and Candy Companies -
What would you like to munch today. Providing you the best access to food and candy companies, coupons, cookbooks, recipes and pet food. So take a bite of the forbidden fruit and eden will never be the same again.
Candy Direct
World's Largest Online Candystore.
Candy Links -
Courtesy of City Wholesale.
Confectionery Industry -
This web guide provides information about the confectionery industry. These resource links are for the business person or informed consumer who is seeking to gain a broader understanding of the industry.
Dewar's Candy & Ice Cream -
Chocolates & Chews. Dewar's Fine Candy and Ice Cream offers confections and ice cream made with only the freshest ingredients on site in our factory store in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley.
Emily's - AMES International Candy Company -
Emily believes that a little chocolate candy makes just about everything better. So she spends most of her waking moments thinking about how to make the best chocolate creations you've tasted. Emily’s candy and nuts make marvelous gifts, and are a great way to treat yourself.
Ferrara Pan Candy -
King size bags complete with eye catching and convenient shipper displays. Founded in 1908. Dedicated to the production of high quality candies.
Ghirardelli Square - San Francisco -
Domenico "Domingo" Ghirardelli was born in Rapallo, Italy (near Genoa) in 1817. He learned the confectionery and chocolate trade as a young man, and in 1837, at the age of twenty, he and his new bride left Italy for Uruguay intending to establish a chocolate trade in South America. After a year had passed, they once again set sail - this time around Cape Horn for Lima, Peru on the western side of South America .....
Goetze's Candy Co. - Cow Game -
Fun for the whole barnyard.
Gray & Company's - Cherryman -
...from CherryMan brand maraschino cherries to Queen Anne Cherry Cordials, Gray & Company is the world leader in sweet cherry products.
Hershey's Foods -
Almond Joy and Mounds candy bars, Cadbury Creme Eggs candy, Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme candy bar, Hershey's milk chocolate and milk chocolate with almonds bars, Hershey's Nuggets chocolates, Hershey's Kisses and Hershey's Hugs chocolates, Jolly Rancher candy, Kit Kat wafer bar, Milk Duds candy, PayDay peanut caramel bar, Reese's crunchy cookie cups, Reese's NutRageous candy bar, Reese's peanut butter cups, Sweet Escapes candy bars, TasteTations candy, Twizzlers candy, Whoppers malted milk balls, and York peppermint patties. Grocery products include Hershey's baking chocolate, Hershey's chocolate drink, Hershey's chocolate milk mix, Hershey's Chocolate Shoppe ice cream toppings, Hershey's cocoa, Hershey's syrup, Hershey's Hot Cocoa Collection hot cocoa mix, Reese's peanut butter, and Hershey's, Reese's and Heath baking pieces. Internationally, the company exports Hershey's branded confectionery and grocery products to over 90 countries worldwide.
Jelly Belly Online - "The original gourmet jelly bean" -
Complete the survey for FREE Samples.
LifeSavers Candystand -
This is just a fun site for everyone. Kids * Teens * Parents Enjoy the Day.
Mars, Incorporated -
Click on Links to Our Websites.
Marshmallow PEEPS -
Welcome to Peepsville ....
Online Candy Store -
Welcome to the world's largest online candy store. Wholesale Candy.
Oryans Village Candy -
O'Ryans strives to bring you the best and most unique treats and gifts available. We are known literally around the world for our selection of old-time candy favorites and old-fashioned customer service. Visit the different "Stores" within our Village. You'll find several items on special throughout our stores, Specials and selections change with the seasons and Holidays. Just about anything in our Village can be shipped direct to family and friends . Bookmark our site and stop back often. O'Ryans Village strives to completely satisfy each and every guest to our site. Your visit to our store should be easy and enjoyable.
Pecan Deluxe Candy Company -
From chewy chunks of fudge to crisp, buttery pralines to chocolate-coated nuts and a vast array of sauces, Pecan Deluxe is your source for innovative ingredients.
PEZ Candy Inc. -
Within our site you will find a list of PEZ Dispensers offered to date in the United States with those currently available noted, a list of other cool PEZ products and information about PEZ collectors newsletters.
Premium Dog Food -
Love Life, Premium Foods Online. Discount premium dog food, cat food, pet food, dog treats, cat treats, people health supplements, omega 3, flax seed, high fiber food and soy protein shake.
Snickers Bars -
......Hungry - Why wait.
Your favorite chocolate caramel cookie bar.

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